Is Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu a serious Majority leader?

Is Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu a serious Majority leader?
There is widespread perception that, in order to be legislatively effective, the New Patriotic Party would have to elect/select a parliamentary leader with a remarkable legal background. Mr. Mensah-Bonsu, who has been nicknamed “Suame Methuselah,” has gotten so comfortable and secure on his parliamentary seat, and equally fat pay check and perks, that he has become jaded and blasé. He has ceased working hard and effectively for the progress of his party.

Instead, he seems to prefer to chum up with his “fellow Methuselahs” to jealously protect his Kumasi-Suame parliamentary seat and the perks that come with long stay in the House.

Else, how could he not have noticed beforehand that the 26-member Parliamentary Appointments Committee (PAC) was too large to effectively carry out its job of vetting some 36 ministers-designate in time for the Akufo-Addo Administration to assume reins of governance at full-throttle?

Indeed, it does not take a genius to come to the realization that a parliamentary vetting committee with a membership of more than 12 to 13 is a veritable recipe for disaster. I chose the latter ballpark figure because it is about the same size as a traditional panel of jurors.

The man clearly lacks foresight, else he would have been able to anticipate the unbearably snail-paced progress of the ministerial confirmation process and promptly demanded that the PAC’s membership ought not to exceed more than half of its current size.

What is more, as the Parliamentary Majority Leader, Mr. Mensah-Bonsu had a key role in deciding who got to serve on the PAC or did not. And so to be bitterly griping after the fact clearly demonstrates the gross professional incompetence of the man. His profile also depicts the image of somebody who would be more effective in the private business sector than in government.


And it is unbelievable that his kind of legislative experience and/or expertise would be sorely missed, should Mr. Mensah-Bonsu either decide to resign from the House tomorrow or relieved of his seniority in the same.

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